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Secret Church 2017 Live Simulcast

Live Simulcast with David Platt
When: Friday, April 21 – 5:30 pm- 11:30 pm

The Bible is the foundation for faith among followers of Christ in churches around the world. Yet many such Christians never think to ask why this is the case.

After all …

How did we get this holy book?
Who decided what would and wouldn’t be included in it?
How do we know it’s true? Are there any errors in it?
Is it necessary? Is it sufficient? Is it authoritative for my life?
How can I understand it?
Even as Christians ask and answer such pivotal questions, the culture around us asks even more pressing questions: Isn’t the Bible antiquated and outdated? Isn’t it chauvinistic and offensive? Isn’t it downright deceptive and ultimately dangerous?

During this Secret Church, we will explore answers to critical questions about the Bible in order to discern what place it should (or should not) have in the lives of Christians and the implications those answers have for our lives, our families, and our churches in the culture around us.

If you would like a study guide, please pre-register for the event by reaching out to church@lancastercovenant.com

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