Sermons by Galen Nordin (Page 3)

Sermons by Galen Nordin (Page 3)

Pastor Galen Nordin

“Having Confidence” – 1 Samuel 17

Sermon by pastor Galen Nordin.  Special Music was the Praise Team singing “More Than Conquerors.” Sermon Notes 1. What do you lack confidence in? 2. What Giants are you facing today? 3. What kept the soldiers of Israel from fighting Goliath? 4. What prompted David to fight Goliath? 5. What did David’s brothers think of David asking questions about why no one was…

Palm Sunday – Luke 19:29-40

Sermon by pastor Galen Nordin.  Special music was Savannah Bernstrom singing “Still Rolling Stones.” Sermon Notes If you knew you only had one week to live, how would you spend it? What was happening in John 12:1-11 prior to Jesus’ “Triumphal Entry” into Jerusalem? What was significant about Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey? In what way is this a “story of…